Vodafone chief Inaki Berroeta warns on 5G rollout

Vodafone Australia boss Inaki Berroeta says the rollout of 5G mobile ... saying the process had played a big part in hampering the development of 4G services. “Once this spectrum was reassigned by the ACMA through an orderly process, it was auctioned ... ( read original story ...)

Upgrade car to LTE or get a mobile hotspot?

I just bought a 2015 Model S and unfortunately it only has 3G connectivity. I have been strongly considering upgrading to LTE, but it looks like that's about a $600 upgrade. Tonight I happened to see the ZTE Mobley hotspot on AT&T's website and it looks ... ( read original story ...)

8.1 in Australia

Browser or not. It won't really matter either way in 2020 when Telstra 3G shuts down. Click to expand... I heard they have to keep 3G going for at least another ten years as ATM's and vending machines often use a 3G connection to feed sales data back to base. ( read original story ...)