ETNO and GSMA urge “ambition” from EU on 5G spectrum

A botched approach to 5G by the European Union would damage the economy and society, the GSMA and European Telecommunications Network Operators association has warned. In a joint statement aimed at EU authorities, the two groups said European lawmakers ... ( read original story ...)

What Is 5G? Everything You Need to Know.

4G technologies, such as WiMAX and LTE, were the next incompatible leap forward, and they are now scaling up to hundreds of megabits and even gigabit-level speeds. AT&T recently announced its "5G Evolution" network, which isn't 5G. It's AT&T's brand for ... ( read original story ...)

Is Britain really worse at 4G than Peru?

Imagine that there’s one LTE base station in Antarctica, on a remote research base. The staff never leave the range of that base. Using crowd data, OpenSignal could conclude that "Antarctica has 100 per cent LTE coverage". An absurdity? Not all ... ( read original story ...)

Is Africa's $30 smartphone a game changer?

"Besides the fact that we're very proud that it's manufactured in South Africa, it has a knock on effect wherever it's going out and being supported," he says. The affordability of 3G Perhaps the phone's most attractive feature will be its affordability ... ( read original story ...)

Telenor CEO says data growth boosting Asia margins

The emerging Asian market was the growth star in the quarter." ** "We have added 10 million data users during the last year." ** "We are continuing to roll out 3G in Bangladesh, 4G in Pakistan and also starting to roll out 4G in Myanmar." ** "We have now ... ( read original story ...)